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Founded in 2016 by three friends Muthu raja, Nagendran and Jasper. We are a group of people whose success is completely based on the satisfaction of the customers. Right before starting the firm we were always been on producing something that is used on a daily basis that has a touch of sense and fashion. So we decided to start selling mobile accessories that are kickass, cool, genuine whatever you call it. We have illustrators, designers from various part of the nation working round the clock just to meet the likes of the people. Star1hash has taken the revolutionary approach to create products in house and sell directly to customers. It’s a no middle man, no rentals, and no markups business model which is centered on selling straight to customers online. The quality of our product will be at the pinnacle point. We have products available as vibrant colors, clean neutrals and prints & patterns.

Like any son from India we were destined to pursue engineering even before we were born. But were never wanted to spend the rest of our lives working on A to Z schedule and do that same work so that I can earn enough money to meet the expectations of others. We want to earn from something that we love not just for the sake of work. We always dreamt of doing something new and exciting every day. The mobile accessories is one of the many things that we are going to manufacture in a better way in a better manner.

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